Donnie Darko FAQ

📺 Is Donnie Darko on Amazon Prime?

Yes, click here (link goes to amazon) to sign up. (We are using Fastcomet for hosting the movie on our private platform)

🎮 Will Donnie Darko become a game?

Retrostylegames, the popular art outsourcing site is looking into morphing the movie into a game.

🎵 Where can I find the Donnie Darko Soundtrack?

From Go to Spotify and search for Donnie Darko, you will find the playlist there.

🎥 Who’s in the Donnie Darko Cast?

According to Get tech expert :Jake Gyllenhaal, Holmes Osborne, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Daveigh Chase, Mary McDonnell, James Duval, Arthur Taxier, Patrick Swayze and more.